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Increases effiency

With LNNRT AI, accessing your organization's data is a breeze! From last year's sales to the latest product docs, just ask and get instant answers.


Empowering organisational intelligence and efficiency. Enabling pioneering companies – powered by LNNRT

The Modules

Made to fit all business verticals

Unify your Data and AI opportunities across the organisation.

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Commercial module

All of your Marketing and Sales data collected, structured and made accessible. Get full control of your Metrics and KPIs, discover what drives your growth.

Financial module

All your financial OKRs are calculated and reported automatically. Get full control and insight.

Product module

Connect all of your product data in one place, get an overview of usage/health scores and more .


Explore the functionalities

The LNNRT data platform

Continuous collection, cleaning and sending of your organisational data to LNNRT AI.

Automate tedious tasks

LNNRT can perform a range of tasks at a fraction of the time.

Deployable where you are

LNNRT can be deployed wherever you are, Slack, Teams, your Intranet.

Daily data intake

LNNRT learns daily from new data and documents that is generated in the organisation.

Prebuilt data transformations

LNNRT normalises your data, no matter the source.

How LNNRT works

LNNRT's data platform streamlines the collection, normalisation, and structure of company wide data. Making it possible for LNNRT to answer any question with full accuracy and insight.


Higher accuracy, better results.

Enhanced Decision-Making Efficiency

With all company data consolidated into one platform and accessible through a Slack integration, employees can quickly obtain precise answers to data-related questions in just seconds. This instant access to critical information supports faster, data-driven decision-making across all levels of the organization.

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Increased Productivity and Collaboration

The seamless integration with Slack allows employees to effortlessly retrieve data without leaving their workflow. This reduces the time spent searching for information and encourages greater collaboration, as team members can easily share insights and data-driven findings in real-time.

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Maintainance free

By centralizing all company data and making it readily accessible through a familiar tool like Slack, the platform promotes better data utilization and transparency. Employees are more likely to engage with data regularly, leading to more informed strategies, enhanced operational efficiency, and a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization.

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Your data is secure

LNNRT is fully GDPR compliant and all your data will reside on servers in Europe. LNNRT employs a role-based architecture that ensures that users only have access to data that they have been allowed access to.

Use cases

LNNRT is a versatile AI-solution

Automated screening process

Commersial module

LNNRT is being used by a VC to automise their screening process, increasing efficiency and accuracy in the process.

Board and leadership reports

Commersial & Financial module

LNNRT is being used to automise board and leadership reports. On average saving CXOs a combined time of 45 hours a month and getting reports that are accurate.

Proactive retention

Product & Financial module

LNNRT is being used to get daily risk assessments on customers in order to work proactivley with retention.  

Documents and Technicals

Commersial module

LNNRT is being used to easily find documentation and to get ad-hoc answers on questions on company knowledge.

Financial control

Financial module

LNNRT is being used to automise financial modelling and reporting. LNNRT allows for the use of company specific models or the prebuilt models.

Data driven RevOps

Commersial & Financial module

LNNRT is being used in order to get fully data driven RevOps. Resulting in deeper insight between marketing, sales and finance.

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